We offer two types of tubs - with integrated or with external oven. The advantage of the tub with integrated oven is compactness and faster water heating time. We recommend buying a tub with an external oven if you have a large family or a large circle of friends, because in our tub there will be a place for about 8 people.


The highest quality materials are used in the production of tubs. The tub shell is made of fiberglass, this material is resistant to UV radiation, weather and other external conditions, and it is easy to care for. The shape of the fiberglass shell is adapted to the curvature of the human back, so it is convenient to relax in the tub for several hours. Compared to wooden tubs, our tub design is designed to reduce water consumption. This advantage is provided by the design of the bench - it is integrated with the walls and floor.

Tub shells are produced in six colors - gray, white, red, black, blue and light gray. For wood finishing you can choose - brown, gray or black color. A total of 18 color combinations are available. If you want to adjust the color of the hot tubs to your house, terrace or guest house, then we can implement it!

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